Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractor Houston TX Michael Swartztrauber With Patient

"I never really knew what chiropractic could do and to be honest, doubted it. After the first few times, my pain lessened so dramatically that not only did I become a believer, but so did the rest of my family, and they all go faithfully."

- Jennifer M.

"..has offered me help when I was at the end of the rope with pain."

- Sue E.

"His knowledge and understanding of what our bodies can and will do is exceptional."

- Lynn D.

"I was about to give up hope. All other medications and therapy have failed to this point. I have been totally amazed by the progress that this treatment has made."

- Karl W.

"I have referred every person with any injury to Dr. Swartztrauber before they spent time with any doctor. His honest evaluations and treatments have put all referrals on the road to recovery."

- Mark B.

"He takes the time to explain to a patient what the treatment will be and what he expects to accomplish."

- Geraldine B.

"100% improvement, these procedures work!"

- Lawrence G.

"Life is normal again, and I can relax, finally."

- Jennifer M.

"I wish that I had started chiropractic treatments years ago!"

- Shirley W.


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